Spotting Signs of Functional Decline in a Senior

Spotting Signs of Functional Decline in a Senior - Wichita Kansas

As we age, incremental levels of physical and mental decline is expected. The rate and level of decline can vary greatly from one person to another, but as time goes by, it can accelerate, making it harder for an aging senior to continue to live independently. When this occurs, some sort of senior care may […]

Navigating The Next Steps In A Senior’s Life

Senior woman practicing meditation - Memory Care, Wichita Kansas

If your loved one is beginning to show signs of not being able to care for themselves safely, it likely indicates the time has come to explore assisted living options.  Communication and Patience Are KeySet aside some peaceful, distractions-free to talk to to your loved one. Let them share their concerns, wants and needs so […]

Helping Seniors Enjoy The Holidays

Holidays with senior loved ones - assisted living Wichita

Holidays can be overwhelming for a senior loved one with dementia or other age-related health conditions. It can also prove uncomfortable for family and friends who want to celebrate the season with them, but are not quite sure how best to do so. While you may be spending time assisting with ADLs (Activities of Daily […]

3 Uses of Modern Technology in our Senior Living Home

Senior Wristband for monitoring a seniors health

Here at Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, we take pride in investing in modern technology that keeps our residents safe, healthy and comfortable. Our residents’ safety and security is our top priority. There are many benefits of using smart technology in senior living homes that help both our residents and caregivers. Below are 3 […]

Feeling Trapped Caring for Ederly Parent?

Assisted living Wichita Kansas

Are you burnout from caring for your elderly parents? Yes, you love your mom/dad… you want them to have the very best, you want them attended to 24/7, but… You have limited patience, limited time, limited knowledge, and limited capability. That’s right… you have limits, and so do your loved ones. There are many emotional […]

In the Media: PBS Interview at Comfort and Love

PBS Interview at our Wichita Kansas Memory Care Facility

We recently hosted a PBS interview at Comfort and Love, our brand new memory care home in Wichita, Kansas. Katherine Ambrose of Empowering Senior Professionals, is creator and acting direcctor and an upcoming PBS special. Comfort and Love was pleased to host a segment of Katherine interviewing Amy Cameron O’Rouke, author of “The Fragile Years”. […]

Welcome to Our New Residents, Miss Margaret and Miss Judy!

Kansas Memory Care Home Resident Judy

We are excited to announce our newest residents, Miss Margaret and Miss Judy! Our warmest welcome to you both. Margaret is a farm girl and helped raise lambs as a 4-H member. Today she reads the newspaper… cover to cover… and does not enjoy Twitter! Next up, meet Miss Judy! Judy was born in Ohio, […]

3 Emotions Commonly Experienced When Caring for Aging Parents

Memory Care in Wichita Kansas, Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes

Shame, Guilt, Resentment: How to Deal with the Three Primary Emotions Family Caregivers Struggle with Most As a family caregiver, it’s perfectly natural to deal with feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment when caring for aging parents. Caregiver anger and resentment is real and it’s okay to admit. Coming to terms with your loved-one’s inability to properly care for themselves […]

Caring For an Elderly Parent Isn’t Easy… But There is Help!

Home Plus Dementia Care in Wichita Kansas

Let’s face it, we were never directly taught many of life’s secrets… we’re just expected to learn them along the way.  How to select a good marriage partner, how to care for a newborn, how to raise a crazy teenager… then, if you have survived all that… how to care for an aging parent. But what […]

Tips To Improve Memory For Seniors

Senior Care in Wichita Kansas

Tips To Improve Memory For Seniors Our minds and bodies tend to undergo new changes as we age. Some of these changes can be uncomfortable and frightening; however, it is important to remember that they are normal, and we are not alone. According to the National Library of Medicine, nearly 40 percent of individuals over […]