Caring For an Elderly Parent Isn’t Easy… But There is Help!

Let’s face it, we were never directly taught many of life’s secrets… we’re just expected to learn them along the way. 

How to select a good marriage partner, how to care for a newborn, how to raise a crazy teenager… then, if you have survived all that… how to care for an aging parent. But what if you are now in charge of caring for an aging parent with dementia? That is a whole new ball game.

Caring for an Aging Parent with Dementia

Caring for an aging parent with dementia can be hard work. And when is it time to consider assisted living homes for your parents? 

At Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes in Wichita, KS, our team works hard to provide a caring and comfortable setting for our residents. There are experienced experts that know what you are going through, have excellent resources, and can help you navigate the difficult process of learning what to do and how to care for an aging parent without driving yourself crazy in the process.

We offer Alzheimer’s and dementia care assisted living in Wichita, Kansas. (Contact us today to schedule a personalized tour of our memory care facility.)

Luxury Assisted Living Memory Care Facility in Wichita KS

Our dedicated team gives your loved ones care, comfort, and love that they need and deserve. At Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, we take your concerns to heart… we know what you are going through because we have been there.
That’s why we provide 24/7 loving care for family members who need around-the-clock attention, positive socialization, engaging activities, even specialized help for those that are experiencing memory challenges.

Comfort and Love is Wichita’s premier Home Plus assisted living homes.

“We are a house and a home, and not an impersonal facility with long hallways to walk, elevators to navigate, or crowds of people,” says Joe Greaves, president of Comfort and Love Wichita.

Home Plus Dementia Care in Wichita KansasLoving Care for An Elderly Parent – Home Plus Dementia Care in Wichita Kansas

The Comfort and Love mission is to provide residents, their families, and the care team a fulfilling place to live, enjoy one another, and to thrive. Executive Director, Becky Papa says,

“Comfort and Love Wichita provides so much more than just a facility to “age-in-place”. We provide a home where our residents can thrive. We provide well-balanced chef prepared meals, a positive social community, purified air and water systems, safe and chemical-free household cleaners, inspired by nature, proven by science. Most importantly, we provide the comfort and love our residents deserve.”

Learning how to lovingly accommodate the changes your loved-one is going through isn’t easy, especially when you are not an experienced caregiver, or, you don’t have the time or patience. That is not something to be ashamed about or burdened by guilt. This time in life can get very uncomfortable for families, beginning with the elderly parent who doesn’t want to become a burden or a problem for their family. Yet, after having invested their whole lives providing for others, now they need lots of love and support.


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Caring for Elderly Parents with Dementia 

It’s common for elderly family members to want to remain completely independent and stay in their own home. Many will fight, tooth and bone, not to leave their home, even though they may have become a danger to themselves, climbing up and down stairs, not remembering what med they took or if they took it at all. Leaving food cooking on the stove, not being able to clean the house, or worst of all, falling and ending up in the hospital. Yes, there is a better way.

Comfort and Love CEO and COO, brothers Jim and David Guarino, both serve as expert advisors for the Residential Assisted Living Academy (Phoenix, AZ) and work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, developers, owner-operators of home-style senior housing projects throughout the United States.

“We have studied many home designs and operational systems that best accommodate those needing 24/7 care and attention. Comfort and Love is clearly leading the way forward.”, says David Guarino.

Most importantly, Comfort and Love prides itself on the high level of care and attention the care team provides. Becky Papa says, “Our home is full of love and joy. Our residents and staff thrive here.”

Memory Care Facility in Wichita KS
Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes – Dementia Care in Wichita Kansas

Is it time for an improved quality of life for your parents and peace of mind for yourself? Provide your loved one the comfort and love that they need and deserve.

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