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Wichita’s Finest Assisted Living and Memory Care Home

Are You Looking For a “Forever Home”?

Home needs to be safe, secure, and comfortable. Comfort and Love specializes in providing a high level of personalized care in a cozy home with just 12 residents. Our 24/7 care team is always there to assist and care for your loved one.


We Provide Everything!

We provide everything they need including managing their medications, assistance with personal hygiene, we do all the laundry and house cleaning, we provide satisfying home-cooked meals, a private bedroom and full bath, engaging activities… all in a safe and secured, and very beautiful home.

Comfort and Love truly is Wichita’s finest. Residents feel connected to a small community of individuals and families without the long halls ways, elevators and cafeterias of a typical “assisted living facility”.

Peace of

All the comforts of home, in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. 

24/7 Care And

Professional, attentive, nurturing care with personalized health monitoring.


State-of-the-art air and water purification and all-natural cleaning products.


Yes, There is an Answer…

Have you ever said to yourself, “Mom doesn’t remember things like she used to… Dad forgets even small things.”

It may be the beginning of a very common symptom of dementia. Dementia is caused by changes in the brain as we age. It can come about quickly or over a long period of time. There are many types and levels of dementia. One common type of dementia is called Alzheimer’s.

Comfort and Love Care Team have been trained by recognized “memory care” experts to provide loving attention, understanding, and accommodating those suffering from memory loss.


Comfort and Love Is a Real “Home”...

Their private bedroom is only 15-20 feet from the kitchen and living room, where the same care team as the day before are ready to serve them. This type of safe and secure environment is especially important for those suffering from memory loss such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Imagine your loved one needing to navigate a 60-foot hallway, passing doors that all look the same, then needing to use an elevator to get down a few floors, then needing to walk another 40 feet… just to get a meal or see friends. That’s a typical “assisted living facility”.


Aging doesn’t need to be a lonely experience...
We're full of life!


Our residents receive...

…all the daily care they need in a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. We provide seniors in Wichita with assisted living and memory care services that are personally tailored to each individual, and can evolve with them as their needs change.


We Understand..

…you are looking for a peaceful, joyful, and affirming place for your loved one. We invite you to give us a ring and stop by for a visit soon… discover how we can serve you!


Personalized care...

…and attention comes from one benefit you must become aware of; How many care team members are there to assist caring for my loved one? This is called the “care ratio”.


Comfort and Love...

…sets itself apart from large facilities that have care ratios of 15:1 or higher (residents per caregiver). We also have on staff an Operations Director, LNP, House Manager, and Chef, all attending to your loved ones’ needs.


Our Special...

…care home is a real home, not an overcrowded, impersonal facility. Each of our residents enjoy around the clock care with safe and secure health monitoring, in a clean, clutter-free environment that is filled with peaceful music, conversation, and lots of love.

Discover what makes Comfort and Love So Special

We're a home,
not a facility

There's no place like home, a real home.

Industry Best
Care Ratio

Provide your loved one with the best care possible.

Purified Air and
Water Systems

Naturally fresh, clean, hygienically pure home.


Keeping the mind and body active and engaged.

Home-Cooked Meals

Satisfying, nutritionally rich and delicious.

"If my mom was still alive (she had Alzheimer’s) Comfort and Love is exactly where I would have wanted her to be!"

Berta Parker​

Senior Living Advisor

"Our mission is to serve our elders, their families, and our care team by providing an uplifting, dignified, and affirming place to live, visit, and work."

Katy Patten

Operations Director

We Have a Vision…

At Comfort and Love, we have a vision for aging that is vibrant, welcoming, and community oriented. Instead of a large, impersonal assisted living facility, our Wichita senior living community is a home, where residents can relax and enjoy every moment.


We Believe…

We believe that assisted living in Wichita can be a time to thrive and enjoy life. Our home is nurturing, engaging, and filled with laughter, one that offers family caregivers the peace of mind they need and the quality care their loved one deserve.

Let's talk about your loved one's assisted living needs