FAQ About Our Wichita Retirement Community

Comfort and Love is a “home” and not a facility. Most assisted living “facilities” in the Wichita area have long hallways, elevators, and cafeterias. Comfort and Love is what your loved one is used to… a home versus an apartment in a hotel/dormitory type setting.

Comfort and Love provides seniors in Wichita with assisted living and memory care services. We handle all activities of daily living for our residents, including cooking, cleaning, help bathing, toileting, dressing, and medication management. We also provide social activities to keep our residents engaged and active. We provide an environment where family members can visit and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Here is a link to our services page

We provide 1st class food choices at our Wichita retirement community and have a fabulous chef on staff. We offer options that are nutritious, satisfying, and dietician approved. We ask families to provide us with your loved ones’ preferences and even personal recipes. Birthdays are always a special time at Comfort and Love. We enjoy having special meals celebrating individuals’ preferences. Once a week, we have a special dish in honor of a select individual, and we prepare and serve everyone something they love in recognition of it being their “special day.”

Each resident enjoys the privacy of having a private room, including a private bath with a European bidet (optional).

Comfort and Love’s care ratio is one care team member for every six residents. We also have on staff our chef, LPN, our Operations Director, and House Manager, all caring for the needs of the community. Many assisted living and senior care facilities in the Wichita area have a ratio of over fifteen residents to one care provider. Your loved one will receive more personal care and quality attention at Comfort and Love.

Comfort and Love has invested in the highest level of science-based air purification systems available. PuriFi Systems have been tested by the EPA and are proven to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria by over 90%. Imagine clean, fresh, healthy air all day and night.

We only use all-natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic cleaners that produce superior cleaning results without using caustic chemicals. This is healthier for the home and the environment.

We have an onsite salon and manicure station in each home, which makes for convenience and fun at the same time.

Our team are trained by nationally recognized experts in the field of assisted living and memory care. The Comfort and Love team is comprised of Ms. Katy Patten Operations Director), Brandon Bentz, MD (Senior Medical Advisor), Raj Lal, LPN (Clinical Director), Pamela Hammel, RN (Supervisory Register Nurse), Certified Medical Assistants (CMA’s), and Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s).

Comfort and Love owners and executive team, Jim Guarino, David Guarino, Joe Greaves, and Brandon Bentz, MD are all Residential Assisted Living Specialists (RALS) certified by the RAL Academy. Jim serves on the Board of Advisors of the Residential Assisted Living National Association (RALNA) along with other national leaders in senior care. Both Jim and David are experts in the field of residential assisted living and serve as expert advisors to members of the Residential Assisted Living Academy. They consult and advise operators, entrepreneurs, and investors throughout the United States on all issues related to assisted living and memory care, and business operations.


We welcome you to call and discuss your needs with our Executive Director, Becky Papa. We can then arrange a visit and formal evaluation and potentially have them move in immediately once we determine this is the best fit for your loved one and an opening is available.

Yes. We have resources to help you with all the details related to helping make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our retirement community in Wichita is a “private-pay” home. This means families need to resource funds from private savings, Social Security checks, government assistance, pensions, investments, and/or long-term care insurance. We will help facilitate the payment from long-term care insurance if your family member has this covered.

Comfort and Love is an upscale home which is reflected in the pricing and services. Resident rates start at $4,995 per month. Rates are based on the high level of care needed without additional add-on charges.  Exact rates are determined once an assessment is completed by our team. Reassessments are done semi-annually. Use of the salon and other personal items will be additional. We are competitively priced in relation to other options in the area.

Think of Comfort and Love as a Mercedes versus a Ford; we are not the least expensive, but are the highest quality and care level available in Wichita. We strive to be the finest available care home anywhere in Kansas. We are proud of our expert staff and the high level of care they provide.. 

We see every resident as an individual who has their own unique interests. We provide enjoyable activities for the entire community yet with a focus on the preferences of individuals. Our goal is to provide mental, physical, and emotional engagement several times a day. We also arrange “special events” throughout the month for residents to look forward to.

Here are some of our available activities:

  •       Brunches 
  •       Family Game Nights
  •       Bible Study
  •       Board Games
  •       Trivia
  •       Gardening
  •       Music Appreciation
  •       Bingo
  •       Reading Rainbow
  •       Bird Watching
  •       Pictionary
  •       Movie Time
  •       Manicures
  •       Cooking Class
  •       Resistance Bands
  •       Ice Cream Time
  •       Saturday Cinema
  •       Cookout Day
  •       Mugs and Muffins
  •       Pokeno
  •       Live Music
  •       Chain Gang
  •       Spring Fling
  •       Jewelry Making
  •       Bowling
  •       Scrapbooking
  •       Photo Share
  •       Personal Story Time
  •       Coffee and Current Events
  •       Nature Walk
  •       Chair Yoga
  •       Train Dominos
  •       Pilates
  •       Relaxation Therapy
  •       Pancake Party
  •       Puzzle Mania
  •       Flower Planting
  •       Water Painting
  •       Balloon Volleyball
  •       Cookie Conference
  •       Scavenger Hunt
  •       Brew and Buns
  •       Tea Parties
  •       Crossword Puzzles
  •       Karaoke
  •       Green Eggs and Ham
  •       Chair Tai Chi
  •       Backgammon
  •       Finger Painting
  •       Sweating to the Oldies

We treat every person as an individual with individual needs. Aging causes functional disabilities, whether it is a change in brain function (memory loss/dementia, Alzheimer’s) or a change in the ability to care for themselves (dressing, bathing, toileting, etc.)

We also recognize that 70%+ of our aging population will experience some level of memory loss over time. One of the many advantages at Comfort and Love is that your loved one will not need to move again once they are settled here, knowing our care team is trained and experienced in helping people with brain change (memory loss). We consider ourselves a “forever home” where families will not need to make another challenging move.

We love visitors! Comfort and Love homes operate with families in mind. We encourage families to take an interest in their loved one’s care by visiting and enjoying them during this special time in life.  We won’t lock down our homes to visitors because we are trained to handle medical emergencies with a minimum of disturbance to our residents.

We have well-defined Policies and Procedures for every type of incident. In the case of hospitalization, professional EMS transport will be arranged, and designated family members will be notified immediately.

Yes. Most residents have their preferred Primary Care Physician (PCP). However, we have an expert team of physicians and nurses readily available and can serve as your family member’s PCP. This simplifies their care as they can be seen by a Medical Doctor or a Physician’s Assistant without needing to go through the effort of seeing them at their offices.

Comfort and Love homes are constructed with a tornado-resistant room built to protect residents in case of an emergency.