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Premier Assisted Living and Memory Care for your loved one

Caring & Cozy Home and Not a Crowded Facility

There’s no place like home… a real home.

With only 12 residents, your loved will enjoy the safety and security of a comfortable senior care home in the Wichita area, not a busy and crowded “facility”. Comfort and Love is an assisted living and memory care “house” offering retirement and assisted living services to Wichita’s seniors with large private bedrooms, private full baths with a bidet, and 24/7 attention and care.

It’s an easy walk to the kitchen or living room… just like home. No long hallways, elevators to navigate, or cafeterias.

Assisted living, memory care, senior care home in Wichita, Kansas

24/7 Care and Attention

Peace of mind for you... comfort and love for your loved one.

Comfort and Love has certified, well-trained caregivers who provide 24/7 loving attention. Our care team is trained in helping seniors needing assisted living services in the Wichita area with daily  activities including dressing, bathing, toileting, and more.

Our team is experienced in helping those dealing with memory care issues such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Personalized care and attention is our first priority… everything else can wait. When your loved-one needs attention, we respond quickly and with a loving smile.

Happy old man with crutches sitting down on couch in nursing home

Industry Best Care Ratio

Provide your loved one with the best senior care in the Wichita area.

It’s not uncommon for “facilities” to have over 15 residents for each caregiver to attend to during the day and 25 to one at night. Comfort and Love provides seniors in and around Wichita with retirement living services at a 6:1 care ratio day and night. We also have an MD and a Registered Nurse on call 24/7.  

Industry High Care Ratio Senior Assisted Living Home, Wichita Kansas

Purified Air and Water Systems

A naturally fresh, clean, and hygienically pure home.

Our assisted living home utilizes state-of-the-art, science-based, air purification technology from PuriFi Labs, recognized as a world-leader in air purification. PuriFi Labs air purification systems have been EPA tested for eliminating viruses, allergens, bacteria, and odors. Our systems produce the highest quality and level of naturally fresh, clean, hygienic indoor air.

We also exclusively use Aqua Ionizer water purification systems. Purified and alkalized drinking water eliminates toxins, increases pH levels and hydration, supports bone, liver, digestion and heart health, and has proven to increase longevity.

Senior woman by the window smelling bouquet of daffodils

Chemical-Free Non-Toxic Cleaners

Inspired by nature... proven by science. 

We exclusively use innovative formulas made of natural, renewable biodegradable plant sources that produce outstanding results. Our cleaning products are also based on cutting-edge science.

Happy senior woman reading book in bed at home

Personal Care and Safety System

24/7 monitored safety and security.

Each resident is protected 24/7 using a wearable CarePredict Personal Monitoring wrist-watch. Your loved one’s vital stats are carefully monitored to develop an individualized healthy baseline to help them sleep well, eat well, and eliminate regularly.

The CarePredict System has been proven to decrease fall rates of elderly individuals. In addition, all exterior doors are monitored 24/7 using video and magnetic door systems.

Assisted living home 24/7 health monitoring

Chef-Prepared, Home-Cooked Meals

Satisfying, nutritionally rich, and delicious. 

The chefs at our senior care home in Wichita use a professionally developed and dietician approved menu with an emphasis on nutritious, satisfying, and enjoyable meals. We believe in enjoying life while we can, so we do our best to individualize personal preferences, serve your loved ones’ favorite recipes, and celebrate holidays and birthdays. There is always room for a cookie and ice cream!

PS:  Our resident’s families are welcome to join us whenever possible… we love having you!

Juicy steak with flavored butter

Fun, Recreational Activities

Keeping the mind and body active and engaged.

We believe keeping the mind and body in motion is key to an improved quality of life. Our residents can enjoy a wide variety of activities of their choosing. 

We play games, listen to music, sing songs, engage in crafts, participate in physical exercise, enjoy the outdoors, plant flowers, watch birds… anything that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable helps to keep the mind and body engaged.

Elder Care Home, Fun, Recreational Activities

A Safe, Warm and Peaceful Environment

Joyful, positive, calming, and clutter-free surroundings.

We provide a clean, joy-filled, positive, calming, clutter-free, and peaceful assisted living home experience.

There are private TVs in every room, while living and dining rooms are spacious and bright with calming background sounds and music.

We take 100% care of all cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation so your loved one can relax and enjoy themselves.

Loving, peaceful senior care home, assisted living in Wichita, Kansas

Family Friendly Assisted Living Community

Yes… this is Mom/Dad’s home!

We celebrate holidays, birthdays and special events and want family to feel comfortable when visiting. You’re welcome to join us for meals, play games, watch TV together, read a book, and bring your love and attention.

Family-friendly assisted living community, Wichita Kansas

Expert Senior Care Home Management

Your family and loved one is in good hands!

Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes in Wichita are certified by RALNA (Residential Assisted Living Association), meeting the highest quality standards possible. Comfort and Love is owned, managed, and operated by a team a Certified Residential Assisted Living Specialists (RALS).

Executive Director, Becky Papa is state certified assisted living / memory care Operator. Comfort and Love contracts with Mobile Medical for 24/7 physician and RN services.

Expert Senior Care Home Management Team, Wichita Kansas

Super Convenient Location

Everything you want and need is right here!

Our senior care home is located in East Wichita, one mile off K-96 at East 21st North, conveniently nestled near shops, restaurants, medical offices, and churches.

Wichita Kansas Premier Assisted Living Home and Memory Care Community

And So Much More...

We have so much to offer our residents and their families.

  • Salon
  • Patio
  • Sun Deck
  • Walking Trail
  • Spacious, Open Indoor Areas
  • Private Living Room for Reading, Family Events and Group Activities
Senior Care, Elder Care, Assisted Living in Wichita, Kansas

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