Fitness Tips for Seniors

Senior woman looking at online training video on laptop
When it comes to aches and pains in seniors, easy-to-do moves like torso twists, side bends, neck rotations, shoulder shrugs, and ankle circles can make a big difference. Add in some walking, swimming, cycling and weight-appropriate strength training to see an improvement in well-being and mood while reducing the risk of falls and other progressive ailments.
Pain relief for seniors is about being proactive. By being mindful throughout the day and night, you can take a few extra measures to ensure muscles and joints are engaged, helping to improve health, balance, mood, and vitality. And to boost your efforts even more, practice deep breathing…  trust us!


Check out these deep breathing benefits: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Deep Breathing, Deergha Swasam.

   – Increases energy
   – Improves respiratory system performance
   – Calms the nervous system
   – Strengthens the lymphatic system
   – Releases muscle tension
   – Improves cardiovascular system
   – Improves digestion
   – Improves mood/outlook 
If you’re not sure where to start, check out the plethora of guides online, especially on YouTube that have been specifically created for older adults. Just explore different topics “for seniors” and try a few out in the comfort of your home. Many exercises can even be done from the comfort of a bed or couch!
At Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, we fully understand the benefits of keeping active, especially for seniors and ensure safe movement therapy is included in many of our daily activities. 

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