Happy and Healthy Aging

Happy senior woman with spectacles laughing at home

Staying healthy is important at any age, but for seniors, it’s especially vital to better ensure a healthy and happy quality of life. 
Check out this helpful list focused on maintaining good health as the years go by. This list is for seniors and for those who care for them:
1. Wellness visits – can help identify any issues or concerns early on – and save you money in the long run. It’s important to start list at home (written by hand or in your smartphone’s notes) of all heath concerns and questions that may arise in between visits to discuss them with your doctor at your next appointment.
2. Keep moving – without any doubt, daily physical movement improves quality of life, physically and emotionally! It can be a walk around the block, or queue up an exercise or yoga video from YouTube. There are endless choices for just about any type of movement – stretch, bend and raise your heartbeat gently on a daily basis!
3. Bone & joint health – it’s never too late to take care of your bones and joints. Ask your doctor about bone density scan and discuss any joint pain to help identify and prevent ongoing degeneration.
4. Enjoy a heart-healthy diet – the easiest way to do this is to avoid processed foods and sugar, in any form. Reducing salt intake is important also. Drink plenty of water – and add slices of lemon, orange, cucumber or sprigs of mint is an absolute game-changer! Hot and cold teas are wonderful, healthy way to keep hydrated, too!
5. Eye and ear health – have your eyes and hearing checked regularly to prevent diseases, degeneration and a wide variety of avoidable problems that can arise from years of neglect.
6. Foot and ankle heath – under constant weight and pressure makes feet and ankles susceptible to inflammation, pain, limited movement and reduced flexibility. Wear appropriate footwear, practice self-care with comforting, beneficial epsom soaks, keeps nails short and clean, and discuss any concerns with your physician.
7. Medications and supplements – review your medications regularly – with your pharmacist and your health care provider to make sure everything is still necessary, and to identify possible interactions.
8. Get your Zzzs – losing sleep at night can lead to many health concerns – including an increased risk of falling. Set a consistent bed time, ween off of electronics and dim the lighting as the day goes by and keep your bedroom cool and dark.
9. Keep your home comfortable, safe and clean – keeping up with home maintenance can be difficult as we age, but by reducing clutter and keeping up with small tasks, the need for heavy cleaning or repairs can be reduced greatly. Keep air filters clean, do dishes and laundry when needed, check alarms and smoke detectors, and ensure all locks on windows and doors are fully functional. Do not be afraid to ask for help when needed – or if you’re a caregiver, be proactive and take care of things for them.
10. Enjoy “me-time” – there are a plethora of beneficial, comforting and indulgent self-care tips available online. Spend some time finding ones that appeal to you and create your very own home-spa environment.
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