Navigating The Next Steps In A Senior’s Life

Woman assisting senior woman in painting bowl at drawing class

If your loved one is beginning to show signs of not being able to care for themselves safely, it likely indicates the time has come to explore assisted living options.

Communication and Patience Are Key
Set aside some peaceful, distractions-free to talk to to your loved one. Let them share their concerns, wants and needs so you’re better equipped to start with the next steps. Sometimes, the senior is the one that begins the exploration process. When this happens, it’s a big sign they have a plan, and while family members can voice their opinions, it’s vital to hear and support their wishes.
Finding the Best Fit
Start online to search for options near home, ask friends for recommendations, read reviews, and schedule tours, together if possible. And most importantly, take notes! Creating a “pros and cons” list for each home you visit will help minimize confusion and narrow down your options as time goes by.
Reach Out To Family
Once you’ve started the process, bring other family members into the discussion. Perspectives and opinions will likely be scattered, but by doing some groundwork in the beginning, you’ll be better prepared to intelligently respond to their concerns and questions. This will help ease tensions and let your family know you are being proactive, looking for the best-possible fit and solution for your senior loved one. 
The Common Goal: What is Right for Them
Everyone wants to ensure their elders are happy, healthy and safe. Navigating the next steps in a senior’s life is a multi-faceted and emotional process. 
We’re Here To Help
At Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, our team and skilled, compassionate caregivers are create nurturing relationships with our residents and their families. Providing the best care possible and ensuring their happiness and wellbeing is our goal, 24/7.  
We invite you to contact us to discuss your family’s needs, we’re here to help!