3 Uses of Modern Technology in our Senior Living Home

Here at Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, we take pride in investing in modern technology that keeps our residents safe, healthy and comfortable. Our residents’ safety and security is our top priority.

There are many benefits of using smart technology in senior living homes that help both our residents and caregivers. Below are 3 state-of-the-art systems that we utilize.

Senior Wristband for care1.  Best-In-Class Wearable Safety Monitors for Seniors

The most advanced products we use at our senior living homes are the Tempo Wearables from CarePredict. These wristband devices allow immediate response to emergencies and can detect and help avoid fall accidents by monitoring variations in residents’ activities prior to many serious health issues. They keep track of our resident’s location, movements, eating habits, and heart rate. The resident’s devices sync with our staff’s mobile monitoring systems so they can evaluate their activities and health at a glance and receive alerts if there is a problem. Residents are monitored 24/7 for any issues from the comfort of our home, even while they sleep.

Wearable Technology for Seniors that Improve Health and Wellness

These senior tracking bracelets also detect how much sitting, standing, and exercise our residents have done for the entire day, week, and month. The bracelet learns the daily activity behaviors of each resident and if there is a deviation from their normal activity patterns the system alerts our care staff on a wide range of potential concerns such as UTIs, depression, and falls. Along with daily direct observation by our care staff, this information gives us another way to stay in touch with the evolving care needs of our residents.  These bracelet monitors also offer many other beneficial features including a call button, location trackers, and door access features.

2.  State-Of-The-Art Air Purification System Provides Naturally Fresh, Clean, and Hygienically Pure Air for the Home

At our Senior Living homes in Wichita, Kansas, we provide naturally fresh air for a clean and hygienically pure home. Our assisted living home utilizes state-of-the-art, science-based, air purification technology from PuriFi Labs, recognized as a world-leader in air purification. Our air purification systems have been EPA tested for eliminating viruses, allergens, bacteria, and odors. These purification systems produce the highest level of naturally fresh, clean, hygienic indoor air, ensuring a comfortable home for our residents and staff.  These ionizers precipitate out over 99% of the allergens and particles found in most indoor environments on a continuous basis.

Clean air quality is essential for our senior living communities. Residents feel better when they breathe clean air. It allows them to feel healthier and happier, which improves their overall mood and mental health.  And their families often comment on how fresh the air is inside our homes, you can actually smell the difference.

3.  Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free Cleaners

Comfort and Love believes in providing residents with a healthy environment, which includes using exclusively all-natural, non-toxic cleaners for everything from laundry detergent, tub/tile and bathroom cleaners, dishwashing detergent, hand soap, floor cleaners and more.

We use America’s premier all-natural, science-based brand, Melaleuca products. Melaleuca has been in business for over 25 years selling more than $1 billion of products annually. They employ some of the best research scientists in the world for developing new products using exclusive patented technologies.

Comfort and Love co-owner, Jim Guarino, has used these products for over 20-years with great satisfaction and says;  “I want our residents to live in the cleanest and healthiest, all-natural, non-toxic environment possible.”  

Modern Technology Improves Senior Living

At Comfort and Love Senior Care Homes, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and health. We specialize in providing assisted living and memory care services to seniors in a smaller residential home setting.  It is easy to see and feel the difference when you experience our homes compared to the competitors’ big-box facilities with much higher resident to caregiver ratios.  We pride ourselves on training our staff on these latest technologies and improving the daily lives for our residents.

We understand that senior living technology and trends are continually evolving. We will continue to monitor the latest technologies to make life easier and more enjoyable for residents and team members.  As members of the Residential Assisted Living National Association and the Residential Assisted Living Academy we are always up to date on the latest technologies being employed to better the lives of our seniors.

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Comfort and Love Senior Care Home’s mission is to provide what families most want and need for their loved ones – a safe, secure, comfortable, and loving community. Utilizing the latest and best available technologies is our way of ensuring the highest quality environment for our residents to thrive in.  Rest assured that our residents will have unsurpassed personal care in a loving, secure, and comfortable home. With only 12 residents per home, your loved one will enjoy the safety and security of a comfortable home community, not a busy and crowded and big “facility.”

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